Patreon supporters at the super supporter level have priority voting for the theme for upcoming games.

$1 (Supporter)

Patrons at the $1/month have early access to demo games, there are typically between 1 and 3 games in demo status at any given time.

$2 (Supporter+)

Patrons at the $2/month or higher tier have access to the following exclusive content.

Chastity Tease

  • 6 extra end-game punishments

Anal Upgrades

  • Dress up as a nurse and half all punishment amounts.
  • Wear a shock collar.

Santa's Basement

  • One additional possible final punishment

Sissy Vegas

  • 3 additional tasks to roll.

Sissy workout

  • Three additional bondage options
  • Two more clothing options
  • Two more punishment options


  • One extra point to start off with.
  • Another impregnation option.
  • Another ass fucking option.

$5 (Super Supporter)

Patrons at the $5/month or higher tier have priority voting in weekly (every Tuesday) polls about game themes.

$10 (Super Duper Supporter)

Patrons at the $10/month tier have priority voting in monthly (last Tuesday of every month) polls about game direction, scope, design, themes, and target audience.

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